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Although checking us out online is very convenient, it could never replace the warmth of a friendly handshake or hello.  Take a look at what we have to offer, but the offer to drop by is always on the table.Reminisce by Tom Miller


In honor of our 100 Year Anniversary in 2003 First National Bank commissioned local artist Tom Miller to create the painting on the right. “Reminisce” prints are available for sale at both of our locations.


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The bank known today as the First National Bank of Le Center was incorporated as the Le Sueur Center Bank, a privately owned bank, on May 1, 1901. On June 10, 1903 it was chartered as the First National Bank of Le Sueur Center. The banks slogan was “A good bank in a good town.” The bank was originally located in the building where Le Center Eye Care is now. In 1973 the current building was constructed and the bank moved across the street.


Through good years and poor years, the First National Bank of Le Center has enjoyed consistent growth through the confidence placed in us by the people of this community and the surrounding area. The bank staff has grown over the years from its three original employees to 22 employees today including the branch office that was opened in 1989 at Kilkenny, Minnesota. The branch is proudly nicknamed the only First National Bank of Kilkenny in the United States.


The Traxler name has been synonymous with First National Bank of Le Center since 1910 when Frank Traxler served on the Board of Directors. Over the years the Traxler family was able to acquire stock in the bank. By 1955, Traxlers owned 51 percent of the stock. First National Bank of Le Center is one of the few remaining family-owned banks in Le Sueur County.


Charles C. TraxlerCharles C. Traxler
President, 1933 – 1973
It all started because a young man was good with numbers. In 1914, Charles C. Traxler was part of a surveying crew that was working on Le Center streets. Bank owners were looking for a worker and heard that C.C. had a “good head” for numbers. Except for serving in the Armed Forces from 1918-19 where he was involved in the battles of Argonne, Rhine, and Cherbog, Charlie worked the rest of his life serving the community for the First National Bank of Le Center.




Charles L. TraxlerCharles L. Traxler
President, 1973 – 1999
Charles L. Traxler grew up in Le Center and attended college at St. John’s University. He served four years in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War and later worked at Kanabec State Bank in Mora, Minnesota. After moving back to Le Center in 1955 he worked as Cashier, Vice President and in 1973 became President after the death of his father C.C. Traxler. After retirement Chuck remained on as the Chairman of the Board until his death in December 2015.




Gregory G. TraxlerGregory G. Traxler
President, 1999 to Present
Gregory G. Traxler came to the bank in 1991 as Vice President and in 1999 was voted to the Presidency by the Board of Directors. Before coming to the bank, Greg had already built his own slate of experience in the banking industry. He worked for seven years at the First National Bank in Wayzata, three years at First Bank of Minnesota in Hutchinson and he spent two years at the North Shore Bank of Commerce in Duluth. Greg has a B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota, Duluth and a Graduate degree in banking from the University of Wisconsin Madison.


The sound bank policies established by the founders of the First National Bank are still in effect today. Their successors have never lost sight of the plan the founders had to perpetuate these policies in order to provide Le Center with safe and helpful banking. Over 100 years of strict adherence to proven principles of sound banking, is fair assurance that these same rules will govern this bank’s operation in the future.


We believe that First National Bank has a responsibility to our community by being a leader. We have stepped ahead with the latest services and technology so we can remain competitive. During the next 100 years we hope to merit the same good friendship and solid confidence that have marked our pleasant relations in the past.


The First National Bank of Le Center is happy and proud to be a part of this community. We still feel that we are “A good bank in a good town.”


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