Consumer Loans

Enhance your financial resources with a loan or line of credit convenient, competitive, and flexible. We feature a full line of credit services for all your financing needs.


Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
The personal lines of credit allow you to borrow quickly and easily without additional processing time or paperwork.


  • Ready Reserve – This is a line of credit attached directly to your FNB checking account. It offers both overdraft protection and a convenient way to access available funds.
  • Consumer Line of Credit – This is typically an unsecured, revolving loan that offers a larger approved credit limit and a lower interest rate than Ready Reserve.


Installment Loans
Traditional monthly payment loans are available to satisfy your individual borrowing needs. Fixed monthly payments make budgeting easier and you can save 1/4% off the current interest rates when your payment is automatically transferred from your FNB checking or savings account.


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